Just a few words about us


Just a few words about us. Based in Auckland and Europe, we are a small team of professionals that have a strong background in Property Investment as well as the development and deployment of global internet solutions.

Through our involvement in Property Development we have gained a strong understanding of the Real Estate industry in New Zealand and a solid appreciation of the competitive market drivers.
We spend a lot of time really understanding how the Internet and Technology’ in combination with Social Media is driving rapid change in the Real Estate Industry.

In major markets outside of NZ it is already quite clear how both Technology and Social Media are driving disinter-mediation into the traditional Real Estate Industry. There will always be the need for Real Estate Professionals to be the subject matter expert, particularly with changing local laws and building industry regulation.

As technology develops so does complexity. Agent Advantage has invested considerable time to really understand the core features and functionality that any Real Estate Professional requires, without over engineering our solution. Our design principle is “keep it simple, save time & increase productivity”.

We have also bench marked ourselves against the other industry competitors and we know that we provide the only Real Estate Solution that focuses on just one primary thing and that is to help an Agent get more listings. We are also the only online Real Estate Solution that has been fully developed in NZ and is also owned and operated in NZ.

The combination of instant access to information and wide Social Media engagement means that more than ever before all Real Estate Professionals need to differentiate themselves from the Agency they work for as well as their competition. With technology and Social Media integration we provide the perfect solution to achieve this.

Agent Advantage brings all of this knowledge and experience together to deliver a software solution for NZ Real Estate Professionals who want to remain at the forefront of the Industry.